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It’s October so I made another zombie piece! Just kidding, I would have used zombies again regardless of the month. But I wanted to try something with more dynamic action in it. The zombies here are from Fallout 3 (feral ghoul/same thing), and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, aaaand a guard from Shadow Complex (if you don’t play video games, that could sound like a zombie game). 

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I took a fews days off this weekend from making the cutouts to work on some other stuff for class. So today, I came up with this idea with me in a zombie apocalypse. I used some resident evil zombies because the first two are some of my all time favorites. Left 4 Dead was kinda cool too, but I would like to see a more realistic zombie game- without all the distracting heads up displays and health bars and point scoring. It’s like “who gives a shit, just let me unleash some zombie cleansing justice god dammit!” i dont play games for points, i play them for the experience. anyways, enough nerd babble out of me. enjoy!

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